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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers comprised of proud union members with a wide diversity of skills and jobs.

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Profit-Sharing Pension Plan

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Updates and announcements for I.B.E.W. Local 340 members.

COVID-19 testing is free to all Local 340 health care plan participants. If any out-of-pocket COVID-19 test expenses are incurred, receipts can be submitted to the Local 340 health care plan for reimbursement.

As a reminder, take advantage of the Sacramento Area Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Plan benefits and get a flu shot at NO COST as a preventive service to you and your eligible Dependents!

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Our Story

Northern California’s Finest Electricians!

Steeped in history with an unparalleled commitment to leading our industry, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 340 represents the finest electricians in Northern California. Our members are sought after for their extensive training, including our apprenticeship program, in the electrical, telecommunications, and low voltage fields.

Our Plans

We understand the administration of plans and benefits

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Kaiser Permanente HMO

Medical coverage through Kaiser HMO Group #1799

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Western Health Advantage HMO

Medical coverage through Western Health Advantage HMO Group #106167


Aetna PPO

If you do not live in the service areas of the Kaiser or Western Health Advantage HMO you are only eligible to participate in the Aetna – PPO.



The Board of Trustees of the I.B.E.W. Local 340 Pension Trust Funds is dedicated to making the Funds more accessible and friendlier to Participants.

The Trust Fund sponsors the Profit-Sharing Pension Plan. The Plan is a multi-employer, collectively bargained defined contribution plan, also known as a "Profit Sharing Plan" in which employer contributions are invested for your benefit.